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Thursday, September 17, 2009

More lighting and color tests...

Above is a lighting test based on light from a fireplace. Inevitably a large fireplace will give the environment a warm saturated orange light all round. It disturbed me as it gave the wrong vibe; the cosy warm afterglow.
But what if the fireplace burned with an eldritch green light, the sickly yellow-green glow that permeates the entire environment. However this lighting is quite cliche, and usually associated with haunted environments eg. LOTR: Minas Mogul and Army of the Dead, Saw movies, Monster House etc. Combining the 2 colors results in an unnatural yet dank/sickly
sort of ambiance that works. There is a balance of colors with a warm key and a cool fill. The fire burns normally and lights the room but the resulting bounce light is a yellow-green (probably bouncing off the moss and mildew on the walls)

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